Correctional Billing Services

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What is Correctional Billing Services?

With the help of Correctional Billing Services (CBS), different types of jail phone accounts are offered. CBS belongs to Evercom Systems, Inc.’s Customer Support Division. It is also a subsidiary of Securus Technologies Incorporation and T-Netix Incorporation. The following services are offered:

AdvanceConnect Account

The Securus Correctional Billing Services AdvanceConnect account is a kind of prepaid account where the person setting up the account can receive calls from prisons. The member can also add several numbers to the account, so that the inmate can reach them even at other locations.

Direct Bill Account

The Securus Correctional Billing Services Direct Bill account is the best solution for social workers, attorneys, bail bondsmen or members belonging to businesses or government offices.

Traditional Collect Account

The Securus Correctional Billing Services Traditional Collect Account offers a very suitable method of receiving and paying for calls from inmates. The rolling spending limit lasts for 90 days and the call charges accrued in the account can be viewed on the local phone bill.

Call Rates

If you have opted for collect calls, they will be treated as ‘operator assisted calls’ and will entail a surcharge for the service provided. There is a basic charge per minute of the call and the surcharge is in addition to this. There are many providers offering collect calling services from jails and they generally implement operator assisted calls. This is true in the case of many of the popular phone carriers, such as MCI/Worldcom, Bell Operating Companies and also AT&T. The rates quoted by CBS are in keeping with the norms applicable according to state and federal stipulations.

How to make Payments – Options

There are several payment options available to the member:

Payment for Traditional Collect Account

In the case of a Traditional Collect Account, the member can make the payment through the telephone bill. However, sometimes the line might be blocked if the person has hit their spending limit. In this case, the user can access They can even call CBS directly and make payment for the charges which are still to be billed to their phone account. However, if the user is in constant requirement of making more calls than the spending limit, it would be advisable to sign up for an AdvanceConnect Account.

Payment for Direct Bill Account and AdvanceConnect Account

Online payment can be made in the following ways:

  • Payment using Credit or Debit card
  • Payment using a personal checking account

By mail the following payment options are possible:

  • Money Order, Cashier’s Check or Personal Check.

Visit to find the mailing address:

The payment methods listed below are available by payment through Western Union:

  • Cash
  • Cashier’s Check
  • Credit Card or Debit Card
  • Money order

How to Obtain a Refund

If you do not use up all the money that you have deposited in your AdvanceConnect Account, you can get a refund from Securus Correctional Billing Services (CBS) by requesting a payment of the balance.  If your AdvanceConnect Account has a remaining balance for more than 180 days after the last call made and paid for through the account, the balance will expire. If the account has expired in the above manner, the refund cannot be issued, but if you make a request for a refund of the balance before the expiry date, you can get either a full or a partial refund of the amount.

You can contact 1-800-844-6591 to connect with CBS and request a refund of the balance of an unexpired Account. An alternative method would be to contact them through email at You can also access their website, and communicate through the chat feature. The refund will be applicable to the checking account that you last used or to the credit or debit card if you used transactions by check, credit card or debit card. In case the account is paid for through Western Union or if you have mailed in the payment, the refund will be sent through the US Postal Service within two to three weeks of your refund application. For payments by check, a return check charge of $25 will be applied in the case of dishonored checks.

Correctional Billing Services Contact Details

CBS Website:

CBS Contact (Customer Service):

CBS Phone Number: 1-800-844-6591

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Correctional Billing Services

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