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DSI ITI for Inmates

Correctional institutions can now access the services of DSI ITI for their jail phone service systems. With the help of such a system, it is easy for the jail authorities to control the telephone system from any location, whenever they wish. They will be able to access recordings and also monitor inmates’ telephone conversations on a live basis with the help of the internet. With this system, it is also possible to perform other actions, such as suspending certain calls and phone units or making modifications to the configurations. The authorities can make all these changes and more from the comfort of their desk.

Features of Call Monitoring and Recording

It has been observed by the FBI that in the US, only a very small percentage of calls made by inmates, about 4%, are actually being recorded or monitored by the agencies involved in criminal justice proceedings. It is difficult to listen to all inmate calls and monitor them or record them, as many people would need to be employed to manage such a job. Even a very small jail with 100 beds would have recorded conversations amounting to 25 hours each day that need to be monitored.

To solve this problem, it is possible to monitor the inmate calls in jails with the DSI-ITI jail phone service system. All the institution needs is a sound card and speakers. Recording the call becomes very easy, as the person only has to select the particular number or inmate ID or even a phone or group of phones and press a key. This can be done while the call is being made. The recorded conversations are stored digitally and can be heard at any time. You can use the Search option to find and listen to recordings or to copy them. They can also be stored on other devices, such as DVD or CD and even on storage devices on the internet. You can even send the recordings by email to any investigating agency, all with just the click of a button.

Special Features of DSI-ITI

  • Call Alert Facility – If the authorities suspect any inmate, they can select a method for scheduling notifications or alerts for that particular number.
  • Detection of three-way calls – three-way calling can be identified and reported using the DSI-ITI’s technology.
  • Customizing profiles – phones can be customized to support features such as voicemail, phone identification numbers, commissary calls, recording and sick calls for medical reasons, etc.
  • The jail management software can be linked with DSI-ITI’s jail phone service system so that it is no longer necessary to book and release the prisoners twice. An automatic communication is allowed between the two systems in case of commissary orders, debit calls and sick calls.
  • Allowing numbers – lists of numbers that inmates are permitted to call can be checked with the DSI system. The technology allows scanning of the allowed numbers and inmates can also manage the list.
  • Native language support – inmates can talk with their family and friends in their native language, as it is possible to configure the jail phone service system to record prompts and other services in the language of their choice.
  • Debit call service – inmates can use their commissary funds to make debit calls from the system. The offender management system and the Accounting system from DSI allow a complete integration of the accounts and balance it in real time.
  • Commissary services – Inmates can send their commissary orders in accordance with the restrictions of the institution, as the service is customizable. Inmates’ balances can be automatically updated along with other details, such as storing transactions, providing tax information and updating of inventory levels.

Payment Options for Family/Friends

There are many payment options offered by DSI-ITI Jail phone service, whereby friends and relatives can make payments through money order or check. They also accept credit cards, online payment or payment through MoneyGram and Western Union.  The Offenderconnect.com website offers such services from DSI.

Service for Call IQ

Usually calls in a jail phone system are monitored, recorded or listened to on a random basis..The Call IQ service from DSI makes the process very easy to manage.

How Call IQ Works

Latest speech recognition technology is used for transcribing calls with several language models and also a wide-ranging vocabulary of 65,000 colloquial and slang terms. The system is suitable for jails, as it makes use of the telephone calls in the jail for training the DSI system, so that the calls can be transcribed correctly.  The calls are first transcribed into text, then the staff at the jail can extract the phone calls from the system by means of using the keyword search technology. They can type in a word in order to see if the inmates have used it. In fact, the system not only finds the exact word but also all other colloquial and slang words that are used in phrases associated with that particular search word, just with a press of a button. For instance, if the jail authorities suspect that an inmate is smuggling cocaine into the premises, they can just type in the word ‘cocaine’ and the system will bring up all the conversations that are having the word ‘cocaine’ in it as well as other related words in street language, such as ‘blow’, ‘Big C’, ‘Charlie’ and so on.

Special Features of DSI-ITI

  • The jail authorities can listen to the exact part of a conversation that they want from the transcribed recorded message, without having to listen to the whole recording. With the help of the IQ system, you can get the required transcribed information first and then listen to the conversation to get the context.
  • The jail staff can create database agents who will alert you by email if any specific word, phrase, sentence or even a particular topic comes up during the conversation. You can get emails showing the summary of the call along with the transcript, so that you can quickly and efficiently get access to the necessary information.
  • Calls can be categorized into groups and ranked according to priority. These are based on the conversations that require immediate attention, which are highlighted so that the correctional officials can see them first. This saves a lot of time, so that the officials viewing the transcripts can quickly assess all the information at a glance and get an overall idea.
  • Investigators or other local task forces from the correctional institution can also add any other phrases or words of their own to conveniently customize the system. This ensures that the service offered by the jail phone service system is up to date and works effectively for that particular area.

Any illegal activity in the institution can be monitored very effectively with the help of the Call IQ feature of DSI-ITI. This is very useful, as the authorities do not have to depend on the constant monitoring and recording of calls. Many times, the system has been successful reporting calls that include conversations with drug dealing, gang activities, dealer names and officers that have been linked to certain inmates.


DSI ITI Contact Information

Web Page: http://www.gtl.net/dsi/

Customer Service: http://www.gtl.net/dsi/

Phone Number: http://www.gtl.net/dsi/

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