False Conference Call Detection

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Making and Detection of three-way calls in Jail Phone Service Systems

Three-way call system

Though the three-way call detection can be useful, it can also be wrongly or falsely triggered and this results in the disconnection of genuine calls. False alarms arise due to noises generated from normal conversation as well as other noise in the background. Many inmates and their families have also been irritated by such false detections and have been cut off from the connection.

There are many techniques for making the detection of three way calls fool proof. One such methodology consists of installing a feature in the system of the called party. This enables proper sensing of the small break that results from depressing the cradle switch for three way call request. If there is any other noise made by the inmate, it will not affect this system of detection of a three-way call.

Scidyn offers another effective means of three-way call detection by noting the line conditions during the first call. The system involves 18 parameters based on which it looks for differences in the line conditions. Patented designs are used for detecting three- way calls that are started by the caller, by checking out whether the called party has been put on hold or whether the conference call has been initiated.

When inmates call family, the family must make a note of the following points in order to avoid a disconnection of the call on account of false three-way call detection:

  • Don’t use amplifiers or speaker phones when talking to inmates.
  • Don’t cover the mouthpiece with the hand to reduce other background sounds or conversations.
  • Don’t shout into the phone.
  • Don’t cough into the phone
  • Cordless phones should be used within a small range. If the range is too far, static noise is generated and this can lead to a false three-way call detection
  • While a call is being made, don’t pick up an extension, or if this cannot be avoided, the person should start talking immediately when the extension phone is picked up.
  • When talking with the inmate, the relatives or friends must not accept call waiting.

Many service providing companies have also misused the conference call detection system, as they have often disconnected legitimate calls. They do this in order to increase revenue, as the inmate is forced to call again. This is done with the compliance of the prison staff. By making a second call, the total cost of the call becomes more than the original single conversation.





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False Conference Call Detection

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