Jail Phone Calls

How to make jail phone calls for less. Alternatives to making collect and high cost phone calls from prisons.

Saving money when making phone calls from jail is simple. Using a few tricks, you can lower call rate especially on long distance calls and receive more useful features from your jail phone system. All you need to do is to find out a little bit about the jail phone service systems and learn some these tricks.

It is important to realize that you are making use of a specialized phone system for making calls. Each jail phone service system has special features that include call monitoring, blocking, three way call detection and recording.

It is important that when figuring out a plan to save money on your jail phone calls, you learn more about the jail phone service system and the way it functions. You can then design and test some ideas to get the right system working for you.

You can find out more about the system used by the particular jail by making inquiries at the jail, observing the set up in the jail and testing things out. Please be aware some of these tricks may be against the rules of your jail phone system. When in doubt to the legality of this in the jail, ask the staff.

The major calling options for inmates are:

  • Jail phone system specific calling cards and accounts.
  • Collect calls made to phones, both local and international.
  • Standard calling cards. (Uncommon these days)

Using these services inmates can make calls to specific numbers, but generally they cannot call cell phone numbers, blocked numbers and pay increased long distance fees.

How can I lower the cost of making phone calls or get around restrictions?

All jail phone service systems have restrictions, so how do you avoid these and how do you save long distance fees? This depends on the individual facility, but the following ideas may be useful.

      • Call forwarding with the help of local numbers to save on long distance.
      • Use of calling cards with local access numbers.
      • Use of conference services will local access numbers .

Again, if you are concerned about the legality, you may have to check with the particular institution to see if these options are allowed.

Call Forwarding by means of Local Numbers

This is a simple procedure. It is possible to obtain a phone number in any city that forwards to another phone number locally, nationally or internationally. You can use this technique to save on long distance by getting a number local to the prison and forwarding it to out of state or country number.

When a particular number is blocked by an inmate by a jail phone service system, forwarding can also be used to avoid this restriction. When doing so, a 3rd party company will make arrangements for any calls received to be automatically redirected to a number of your choice or even a computer.

A person may purchase a number in any city using a service such as Phone Power Broadvoice and forward it to any number they choose. Phone Power Broadvoice is a low cost phone service provider with virtual number support. Simple add a virtual number local to the prison and have it received by your out of state phone service or forwarded to any number in the world.

Another method is Skype. An inmate calls a Skype number and Skype forwards it to a Skype account on a computer or mobile device. This computer can be anywhere in the world. This enables inmates to make calls anywhere. We are cautious of Skype due to government spying and poor sound quality, but Skype is always an option. Visit: http://www.skype.com

Another recommend service with call forwarding is TextNow. TextNow installs on cell phones and is free. Learn more at https://www.textnow.com

Virtual Number Services: TextNow | Skype | PhonePower | eVoice | SpoofCard

Use of Calling Cards

Calling Cards can prove to be a very simple way for making calls at a lower rate or get around jail phone restrictions. Finding a calling card system with a local access number is the key. An inmate calls the calling card service with a local number and using the calling card service to dial out to any number thus bypassing restrictions and saving on long distance.

Spoof Cards are another interesting and useful card option, but considering the call features available such as faking caller ID and voice changing and call recording, they are most likely prohibited in any correctional facility.

We have heard reports of people using a local Phone Power Broadvoice number forwarded to the SpoofCard service allowing prisoners to make calls with caller ID spoofing, recording and voice changing but be sure to check with the jail to be sure you are allowed if you have any concern about legality. 🙂

 Use of Conference Numbers

When a phone number has more than one participant, you can call such numbers with the help of conference numbers. The inmate can call one number and talk to an additional person who dials in and joins the conference. It is also known as a three-way call and can be done successfully, though it is not allowed in several facilities.

Many of our readers use Phone Power, which not only saves you 60-70% on your phone bill using your internet connect but has a 3way calling feature and virtual phone number support

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TextNow | Skype | PhonePower | eVoice | SpoofCard

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Jail Phone Calls

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