Legacy Inmate Communications

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Legacy Inmate Communications

All types of inmate facilities, such as state, county as well as regional and municipality, both large and small, correctional institutions located in the US are serviced by Legacy Inmate Communications with the jail phone service system. Legacy Inmate Communications offer the following services:

  • Recording calls
  • Direct Billing from Legacy in case of traditional non-billable calls (CLEC)
  • Fully automated inmate calling
  • PIN Applications
  • Blocked call reductions
  • Billing options – prepaid and debit card
  • Live monitoring features
  • Inmate Call control and Access control
  • Flexible Calling Reports for Administrative and Investigative purposes
  • Higher call completion features which increase revenue
  • Optional networking
  • Locally based site repair and administration

Those interested in the service can access the Legacy Inmate Communications Prepaid Collect Calls Service section on the Legacy website and go through the services available. They must then click on the name of the correctional institute of their choice from the drop down box.

Advantages of Prepaid Option

  • You will need to create a prepaid collect calling account if you want to receive calls on your mobile phone from a family member or friend who is incarcerated in a correctional facility. This is because most of the major cellular phone companies won’t permit operator aided collect calls to the number.
  • In case of a block set up on your home phone number by the CLEC, the Carrier for Local Exchange, you may need a prepaid account.
  • It is also an ideal way of controlling the amount of money that you spend while communicating with the incarcerated person through a jail phone service.

Cost of Prepaid Calls

  • You can open an account with a minimum amount of $15. Once a call is accepted and completed the amount for the call will automatically be deducted from the account. You will also be informed about the amount deducted at the end of the call after you have accepted it and will be informed about the updated account balance. It is possible to pay in denominations of more than $15 for a prepaid account.
  • You will also be required to pay an establishment fee, which is a onetime fee before setting up a prepaid account. This is in addition to the $15 minimum amount to be paid for setting up an account. However, this is to be paid only once and after setting up an account, there is no other establishment fee to be paid again and the amount in the balance can be topped up without any further charges.
  • The rates for calling via the prepaid option might differ according to the location of the facility. You can get more details at 888-PAY (729)-4326 regarding the specific rates that are applicable for any particular correctional institution in which you are interested. This information is offered from the Legacy prepaid collect calls Customer Service Department. The operators at the company can offer you all the rates and quotes when you call their hotline or when you accept the first call from the facility.

If the Prepaid amount is all used up – What do I do?

If the amount that you paid for the prepaid account is all used up and you have run out of the money, you will no longer receive calls to your number.  However, you can visit the website and recharge your account by entering your current telephone number details. Alternatively, you can call 888-PAY-4326.

How to Make Payment?

  • You can make payments using either Credit Cards or through PayPal, by calling Legacy Inmate Communications at 888-PAY-4326 or setting up your account for a prepaid collect calls account through the website.
  • You can also use MoneyGram or Western Union for making payments. Other alternatives include payment by cashier’s check or money order. The account can be set up through the Legacy Customer Service Department by calling 888-PAY-4326 at any time of the day.
  • You can print out Western Union or MoneyGram forms from their websites or fill them out at any Western Union or MoneyGram location. The customer care service professionals will help you find the nearest location.

Time in which the incarcerated person in the correctional facility will be able to contact you once you have created an account:

  • If you have created the account by making a call to 888-PAY-4326 or through the website and you have paid by PayPal or by Credit card, you can start receiving calls from the inmate within 30 minutes after the account is approved.
  • One of our representatives will call you for confirmation or you will receive a confirmation email and the prepaid account will be activated in one working business day after we receive the funds towards the account.
  • If you have paid using a money order or a cashier’s check, your account will be active in just one business day after the funds are received by Legacy Inmate Communications. You can choose to be contacted either by email or by phone from our representative regarding the activation of your account.

Legacy Inmate Communications Contact Information

Website: http://www.legacyinmate.com/

Website Contact Form: https://www.legacyinmate.com/prepaid/contactus

Ref: http://inmatetelephoneservice.org/legacy-inmate-communications/

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Legacy Inmate Communications

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