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Details and Features of Services from Public Communications Services

Jail phone services and communication services are provided by PCS, which is offered on a nationwide basis. The inmate calling options offered by PCS Jail phone service are affordable and have the approval of many jails and correctional institutions. Some of the services offered by them are listed below:

Collect Calls Provided To Inmates

When the correctional institute provides approval for certain numbers, it is possible for inmates to place collect calls to these numbers through the PCS inmate  calling service. In certain cases, however, the collect calls are not allowed. These include:

  • Commercial numbers
  • Business numbers
  • Cell phone numbers
  • Hospital numbers
  • Numbers serviced by a local exchange carrier who has refused to bill for collect calls

Daily Dial Service by PCS

Inmates can make use of services like prepaid options. PCS offers them these possibilities in the following cases:

  • If the local phone provider has placed any call restrictions on collect calls
  • If the bills for the collect calls are very high and need to be budgeted
  • If the collect calls limit has been reached
  • If family or friends are not able to access calls from the inmates on a cell phone, hospital phone, business or office phone
  • If some inmate calls are not billed by the local phone company
  • If the person is not able to receive collect calls from the inmate as the available phone number has been restricted or blocked

The family member or friend can pay the amount towards a PCS prepaid Daily Dial account and in less than fifteen minutes, they are able to receive calls from the inmate. Payments can be made several ways, including by MoneyGram, credit card, debit card, Western Union or by phone. PCS also accepts money orders and cashier’s checks.

In order to set up a Daily Dial account, the member must make a minimum payment of $50 towards the account.

Fees towards Service

  • If the person is using a money order or cashier’s check, there is no need to pay any service fee.
  • Western Union imposes a service fee of $6 towards Daily Dial Account recharge services for any related transaction.
  • When the transaction is conducted with the help of a live operator, the set-up of Daily Dial an account or payment made towards recharging the account is charged with a service fee of $8.
  • If the Daily Dial Account is created online or by using the automated pay-by-phone service, a service fee payment of $6.25 is required.
  • MoneyGram imposes a service fee of $6.95 to set up a Daily Dial Account or to recharge an account. However, if the payment is made through Wal Mart branch of MoneyGram, the service fee is reduced to only $6.25.

Options for Debit Calling

A debit calling option is also offered by PCS Jail phone service for inmates. The inmates can create a debit phone account and set it up by making the payments in advance. This can be done through the commissary in the prison. The advantage of this service is that there is no charge for setting up such an account. The inmates can also use this account for making calls to cell phones, business numbers, hospital numbers and others. They can also make calls to international numbers. The inmates can make use of the money in the commissary for setting up this account or their family and friends can make payments towards the account. Family and friends can use several modes payment, such as MoneyGram, credit card, debit card, or by automated phone. They can also opt for payment through money order, Western Union or by cashier’s check.

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