Suppliers for Jail Phone Systems

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A List of Suppliers – Jail Phone Service Systems

Jail Phone Service Systems and Suppliers

Here is a list of the suppliers who provide jail phone services to inmates:

Conversant Technologies, Inc

They offer complete services with equipment and software for the jail phone service system, the main features of which are the following:

  • Call Monitoring on a live basis
  • Access to passwords
  • PIN numbers
  • 3-way calling facility
  • Call Blocking
  • More than 250 voice prompts
  • Bilingual
  • Assigned Monitor list
  • LCD display with 120 characters
  • Speakerphone equipped with 2-wire data and voice
  • Scanning or Monitoring with soft keys
  • Allowed call lists
  • Full Channel Recording
  • Online Quotes and Rating facility
  • Free calls
  • Self-blocking facility for called party
  • Remote Notification and Monitoring of hot calls
  • Recording and Monitoring features
  • Activity Guard
  • 3-way call detection
  • Prepaid online collect and debit calling

Ocs – Dsi/Iti’s Offender Communication System

The product offered is known as Offender Communication System or OCS. The configuration is software-based and is easily integrated into the existing network of the facility according to individual jail requirements. The system can be managed online and it is also possible to have a central management system to control several facilities. Its features include:

  • A Touch screen self-service kiosk provided
  • Multiple Facility control
  •  3-way call detection and language support facility, with call-blocking, specific scheduling and special services for inmates
  • Accessibility  through internet
  • Inmate sick call
  • Call Monitoring
  • Debit calls
  • Payment of bills online
  • Call alerts – ability to be customized
  • Family payment options
  • Profiles for both individuals and groups
  • Call recording

Global Tel*Link

GTL or Global Tel*Link offers telecommunications for inmates by means of the LazerPhone. Several phone lines and phone stations can be connected with this flexible system and it can be managed centrally with a WAN (wide area network) system.

They support several types of calling options:

  • Finger print verifying facilities
  • Collect calling
  • Hot number designating facility
  • Call Monitoring on a live basis
  • Conversations can be digitally recorded, unless otherwise specified. Details, such as time, date and telephone number are coded in the call record and can be kept in security envelopes that cannot be tampered with. Authentic recording is ensured by verifying each security envelope before every call playback.
  • Advance pay – this facility enables the family and others to create a prepaid account. They accept Western Union, Visa or MasterCard as well as money orders and checks.
  • Calls can be monitored, blocked and even terminated
  • Two prepaid calling options for inmates – either prepaid vouchers or direct deposit

Telio’s Jail Telephone Service for Inmates

They offer telephone support via their system, PHON-IO. This system offers centralized call processing with features such as call recordings, call monitoring, bookings and payments. The system also includes the following features:

  • All related connection details can be logged and easily analyzed.
  • Each Teliophone has variable operating times.
  • Call monitoring and recording can be done both manually and automatically.
  • Verification is required for users and account holders.
  • The system can be shut down quickly just by a click of the mouse or with an emergency off-switch.
  • Each telephone account has several restrictions, including prior approval of numbers, call-blocking and features such as restrictions on money and call time.

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Suppliers for Jail Phone Systems

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