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Jail Phone Service Equipment – List of Suppliers

Jail phone service systems suppliers

Phone equipment for Jail Phone service is offered from the following companies:

Telcom Marketing Group

Two types of jail phone service telephones have been manufactured by this group, namely the Invisible Hook switch telephone and the Handset Top Inmate telephone. This equipment is primarily for use by inmates in prisons.

Mini Inmate Telephone – CT-400-SS-RVC-HT

14 gauge high security steel housing encloses the phone. It makes use of Spade or Modular connections and consists of a handset with armored cord and steel lanyard, plus a weighty steel retainer with fourteen gauges.

The Handset Top Inmate Telephone is produced in full accordance with requirements set out by the ADA. The handset has a small cord emerging from the phone’s upper portion. The benefit of this type of cord is that the inmate cannot hang himself and will not be able to injure himself in any manner, hence, all safety precautions have been incorporated into the model.

Mini Inmate Telephone – CT-400-SS-VC

High security 14 gauge steel housing encloses the phone. It uses Spade or Modular connections. The retainer is also made with heavy 14 gauge steel and the handset has armored cord and steel lanyard.

In this case, the regular Mechanical Hook switch is not used and is replaced by the Invisible Hook switch. The advantage is that flash hook dialing and damage is not possible.

Coinless Telephones from PBG

Inmates in jails can use the coinless telephones provided by PBG, as they are available in several models. Heavy duty 14 gauge steel is used in this case and it is made in two colors, powder coat blue and stainless steel. The hook switch is sealed and magnetic and so it does not require much maintenance. The keypad is in heavy chrome metal and the circuitry is designed to minimize background noise.  It also features a solid state electric dial and a modular handset with other connections.

Tip System

Jail inmates can also use a cord free phone from Tip Systems. It has security aspects as the inmate can neither harm himself or others. It consists of:

  • No cords
  • Regular enclosed handset
  • Volume control built into the keypad
  • Line powered so outside power is not necessary
  • Keypad has a built-in system for reducing background noise and tone
  • Design of the handset provides the same level of privacy as a corded phone

Jail phone system by JCW

JCW phones consist of the following features:

  • Compatibility with hearing aids and registered with FCC
  • LOUD button and built-in volume control that adheres to ADA requirements.
  • Tampering is minimized by use of Pin-in-head security screws
  • Telephones are rugged and resistant to vandalism by using cold rolled stainless steel for safe use by inmates.
  • Transmitter and receiver caps are sealed in the handset and cannot be destroyed even after heavy use or abuse
  • Abuse and vandalism is minimized with use of bulky keypad bezel made up of chrome, hook switch lever and buttons.
  • Every dial contains built-in confidence technology. All background noise is filtered, so that the called party can get clarity in sound.
  • A steel lanyard covers the armored handset cord and is secured with a 14 gauge retainer bracket to put a stop to vandalism.

Jail Telephones from Telio

MR Communications Inc

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Systems Equipment Suppliers

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